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Cervical acceleration/deceleration injuries commonly known as "Whiplash" have become an every day occurrence in today's world.  This trauma to the spine, nervous system, soft tissue; which include the ligaments, muscles and discs occurs when the body is abruptly exposed to high acceleration forces and may result in injury to the neck and back.  In many cases scar tissue, loss of elasticity and stretching of ligaments may occur and may cause vertebral subluxation due to the unstable condition of the spine.  These injuries if not cared for may result in a lifetime of pain and suffering and degeneration.

A chiropractic examination is essential as soon as possible after such injuries.  The earlier chiropractic care begins the better the chances of recovery.  Our office coordinates with other healthcare providers such as X-Ray, MRI, and Orthopedic specialists, and work along with you, the patient, and your attorney.

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